Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic - ( ther-a-pu-tik ) a. pert. to healing

Massage - ( ma-sazh ) a curative treatment of physical disorders by kneading, rubbing etc, carried out by a specialist

ReferenceCollins National Dictionary reprinted, 1965 (twice)

The various techniques and movements used by a natural body practitioner are those which have an effect on all bodily systems. When employed either individually or in combination, these techniques effect the skin, muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerves, bones and some internal organs depending upon position and pressure of the movements involved.

Generally the movements involving pressure, speed up the bodies physiological functions while the slow gentle movements slow it down.

The effect of soothing the nerves aids the relaxation response, and often people who have received a massage will describe having a sense of wholeness and ease, both with themselves and their environment.

This feeling of inner peace and well-being is communicated via the nervous system and helps provide a deep inner nourishment, which replenishes resources, restores vitality and exercises vital organs and cells.

Massage transcends other forms of communication, in that it focuses on total body & mind relaxation, initiating the interaction between our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects. It helps to bridge the gulf between these four aspects, by creating a harmonious and balanced environment internally and externally, thus allowing the mind and body to communicate and listen to one another.


Completion of 5 day Therapeutic Massage & Aromatherapy course for volunteers working in Palliative Care unit in Kota Kinabalu Borneo 2019 PCAKK