Spinal Touch

Take control of your life and get back to work with painless postural correction.

Spinal Touch is an effective and quick light touch technique, contacting the energy systems of the body, promoting free flow of this energy through the muscles, bones and joints. This effectively allows the body to re-align with its Centre of Gravity at the sacrum.

How does Spinal Touch Work

The initial intention of the therapy is to relax the muscles, allowing the body to regain correct posture. The change is often dramatic and is usually accompanied by a sense of well-being and absence of pain.

Some conditions that have been helped by Spinal Touch:

Spinal strains, sciatica, headaches, shoulder problems, whiplash injury, respiratory conditions, emotional problems, stress related dis-ease, ligament injuries, recovery after operations, insomnia, jaw problems, repetitive strain injuries, sinus problems, tennis elbow, menstrual problems, low energy & fatigue and gastro intestinal disorders.

 After a Spinal Touch session:

People sometime experience some tingling sensation or a sense of warmth or lightness. Any dizziness is usually temporary and the result of increased energy flow in the system. Any tiredness and flu-like aches are just your body adjusting to the new you.