If you have received a Spinal Touch or Zero Balancing session from me, and want to share your experience with others, please write a testimonial. Equally, if you have received some tuition from me, or undergone one of my courses, I invite you to write some feedback.
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1. Dec, 2021

Kay Turner SI St Austell and District Soroptimist

I went along to a presentation by Wendy Leach on Zero Balancing. A fellow colleague was the ‘client ‘ for the purposes of the demonstration.

Wendy exuded professionalism and immediately put us at ease with her ‘calm and quiet’ presentation skills. She did not faze us with scientific phrases and complicated words, but kept us all engaged with a very clear and precise explanation as to what zero balancing

The ‘client’ Jeanette declared that whilst Wendy was working on her, she felt stretched and even after Wendy had finished the demonstration and walked away, Jeanette felt that Wendy was still ‘there’.

We learnt so much from Wendy’s talk and the fact she kept it in layman’s terms, we got to understand exactly what she does. We joined in, in pairs, with holding and pulling string to get a sense of energetic pathways, and although it was a basic exercise, it
furthered our comprehension of this fascinating practice.

Wendy gave us a wonderful insight into a world we had no comprehension of. It was enlightening, educating and inspiring.

1. Dec, 2021

President Jeanette Gay SI St Austell & District Soroptimist

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being the person who you demonstrated Zero Balancing on recently. I was very surprised at the effect it had, and couldn’t get over how I felt you were still there, when in fact you had moved away. This is something
that I would like to pursue in the not too distant future. Thank you for your expertise in this field. I look forward to seeing how this can make a difference to myself.

1. Dec, 2021

Heather Bishop MCSP,SRP

I wish you every success with your Training Programme for Teaching Associate , so that you can share the principles of Zero Balancing ,which I must say you expressed very well during your demonstration ,which I attended at the Merlin centre.

8. Sep, 2018


Well what can I say other than amazing I hobbled into see Wendy after hurting a muscle in my leg & after she treated me with ZB I could walk far more easily & less painful, thank you Wendy!

8. Jun, 2018

Heather Thomas


I had 3 sessions with Wendy and I have been blown away with the results!!!!!

After nearly 40 years of having NHS and alternative treatments for pain and debilitating back and joint issues I realised I needed something else to help my body to right itself after a horse riding accident when I was 15. So I tried Zero Balancing.......this
has not only stopped the pain in my body it has opened up my past emotional trauma's for healing too!!!! I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough, her professional attitude and vast experience have given me a new and stronger mind, body and soul connection.

Be aware that although you may not feel much during the sessions that this treatment is very gentle and my experience is that it is a subtle release of the bodies 'held' physical and emotional energies......it has been an interesting ride so far and I plan
to carry on with a monthly session to combat the negative effects of stress.........don't be dubious about spending money on this treatment, it is life changing!!!!

Website 9. May, 2018

lesley Black

I am now on my 5th session with Wendy and have had amazing results. I didnt arrive with a major problem, just a persistent niggling irritation that came and went and reduced my mobility.

Im cured...How? Im not sure, my mobility is improving all the time and the little things that used to be difficult for me, ie putting on my boots, are fine. So im here to say, try it, it works, and Wendy is so calming and confident and has such knowledge on
her subject, the whole experience is very therapeutic and relaxing.

I will continue, for me its for my wellbeing and I think like a well oiled car, we all need a little maintenance!

19. Nov, 2017

Jan Barker

I Highly recommend Wendy as a therapist, she is kind, intuitive and professional. Having just received some sessions of Zero Balancing and feeling the benefit to my posture I am delighted with the improvement. As I have a long standing spinal difficulty
I am also feeling that by having follow up appointments occasionally my progress will continue. Thank you Wendy.

16. Nov, 2017

Ross Travill

I have recently studied with Wendy to complete the ANM Anatomy & Physiology diploma course on a one on one basis over a nine month period. I needed to obtain the qualification as a requirement for the Zero Balancing certification program which I am also
studying. I would highly recommend Wendy as an excellent tutor with an in depth knowledge of A&P. The course was presented in a really engaging and varied way which made the learning both enjoyable and easy to understand. I was a bit daunted at first, as the
subject matter was mostly new to me having not studied any anatomy since my school days over twenty five years ago. Therefore, the fact that I managed to pass with distinction is testament to Wendy’s skill as a teacher and willingness to go the extra mile
- including providing many delicious cakes and biscuits to enjoy whilst learning!

6. Jul, 2017


If you are seeking help with physical or emotional health issues, perhaps for the first time, and are not sure what to expect, I am very happy to recommend Wendy to you. I have had several sessions of both Zero Balancing and Spinal Touch with Wendy, during
which time I have experienced the amazingly deep relaxation and sense of wellbeing that these therapies bring. I am certain that, during these sessions, the body/mind is stimulated to heal itself in whatever way is most appropriate to the individual at the
time, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Wendy has a calm, kind manner and intuitive understanding derived from years of experience in therapy work. These all help to inspire confidence and the willingness to ‘let go’ and allow healing to take place. The whole process of these sessions, from beginning
to end, feels very safe, professional and reassuring.

Whether you are new to energy therapy, or have previously experienced other therapies (as I have), I warmly recommend Wendy to you.

9. Feb, 2017

Rae Wallin MBA, FRSA, DipHSM

"I have had the privilege of working closely with Wendy in the recent past and am very happy to endorse her excellent approach to work and relationships. She demonstrates the highest standards of integrity, delivery and work ethic. She is skilled in working
effectively and adaptably with individuals and groups, the latter often of mixed ability and understanding of the issues in question. Wendy is an excellent team member and well respected by colleagues at all levels. She has an engaging personality and is involving
of others. I am clear that she will be as successful in business as she has been in employment roles.

Website 24. Jan, 2017

Richard Walters

Wendy recently assisted me on a five day Zero Balancing workshop. It was a delight to have Wendy working along side me. She was always attentive to the needs of the students and has a lovely calm, warm presence. I could relaxe knowing she was there and
I could trust her knowledge of Zero Balancing so she could give clear, precise feedback in learning situations. I would be happy to have Wendy assist anytime.

2. Jan, 2017


I found Spinal Touch therapy by accident. I picked up a leaflet at my local complementary health clinic, after a massage session, and thought I would give it a go and what a world of difference it made. That was when I lived in Kent and never thought I
would find a therapist when I moved to Cornwall. I was lucky enough to find Wendy and, after taking a detailed history, she carried on with my Spinal Touch treatments. Spinal Touch is very gentle and after a session I felt like my spine was in alignment again
and I could get on with my life. When Wendy began studying Zero Balancing I became one of her case studies. I changed from Spinal Touch to Zero Balancing as I felt that it was more beneficial for me. A session is very gentle, a bit like doing exercise with
someone else moving your muscles. Zero Balancing puts your whole body back into balance and the sessions leave me feeling like a new person. It releases tension at a very deep level and you would be surprised the benefits it gives. I would recommend Spinal
Touch/Zero Balancing and Wendy as therapist.